Her appearance is so manly but she has a very, very beautiful voice. Thanks. Make season 2 please......i'll miss Doldam Avengers so much....(>_<). Watch now for free Sweet Home 2020. Yay! This Drama is just so amazing everything was perfect, The story and actors are the best. Korean dramas are known for bringing on the feels every single time. Jjangshi Dec 21 2016 7:46 am Doctors was so boring, and I really disliked Park Shin Hye whose acting was quite wooden. I never realize this will be the end huh, Mariem Jan 16 2017 2:25 pm the writers did a fantastic job on making the scripts and making sire the actors portray the characters to perfection. Free download high quality drama. Kang dong joo=kang hye jung. No, you don't need to watch this season if you're looking to start season 2 on its own, but you're really missing out if you don't. i'm not interesting at this at all...just waiting for January to come fast...because of Defendant. I want moreeeeee ??? I love seo hyun jin!! Genres: Action, Military, Friendship, Comedy, The daily lives of staff at a Birmingham medical practice, including their often dramatic involvements with their patients. We need somehing more refreshing, it'sm3 Nov 14 2016 8:09 pm So I never got bored in any of the episodes; major kudos to the director for such a perfect drama. They are so comfortable with each other even off-screen. another legend song reference in this drama, is material girl by madonna. Its different from any mecal drama that has bunchs of romance and just view percent relate to medicals concerns. However, to be honest, I find this drama quite boring regardlesa of the awards on this page, except for the main doctor character, who is very similar to Japanese Dr. X. Tata Dec 20 2016 10:01 pm great acting from the casts, especially my favorite here yoo yeon seok and seo hyun jin. The only bad thing about this drama is the female lead. though they are same Doctors but in different specialty there's Neuro-Surgeon (Doctors) , Thoraco-Cardio (Med. Malditang Bugay Jan 22 2017 8:01 pm Cia kim Nov 10 2016 11:31 pm Congrats to RDTK best SBS Drama 2016...!!! Love triangles in K-dramas are one of the biggest tropes in the genre and sometimes the main source of the drama in the series. It reminded me of Code Black more than anything with its fast paced and quite accurate usage of trauma situations. This drama is absolutely amazing! I just love her realistic acting. But please don't let the title hold you back, watch it! Mr. Goo, the large muscular orderly, is quite impressive but I cannot find the actor's info anywhere. Everything in this drama feels so real, the acting are remarkable and the actors are outstanding! (So Far)? He nailed it. man Jan 26 2017 5:44 am But the kissing scene and car accident? I like the first episode, it's not boring at all, i love the plot, seems like it's a bit melodrama?/ i love their chemistry so much, foreverhungry Nov 08 2016 6:19 am Nice drama... Seo hyun jin unnie hwaiting. Im so in love in this drama! This drama is really NOT RECOMMENDED.. You'll get addicted, you'll cry a lot, and you wont be able to sleep in the night... You can't stop watching until the end. But if I watched this drama 10 years ago, I would have decided to become a doctor. Both of them make the drama to be successful and they received many awards as expected. In this article, Koreandramalab is going to share recent and high rated medical Korean drama series with you. maybe a chef, secret agent, or what else, i like seo hyun jin 's acting since let's eat, i think cable tv has better plot of main lead profecy like eric as foley artist, or the man from drinking solo who is trainer of government employees, or seo dae young let's eat as insurance agent.. AJ Nov 03 2016 1:18 am Why Lim So Jung declined? The show brings out animal instinct in its most cruelest form with humanity prevailing at the right moment what the show tell us. } my nursing students watch this rigorously. It'll be great if Shin Min-Ah/Song Ji Hyo be offered the role. A medical drama masterpiece! This is an amazing drama, the season two was great as well. Can't wait for season 2,if that news is legit.I think it will show the love triangle between Yeonhwa,In Bum and Eun Tak haha.#Hoping. . The lead guy (Yeon Seok) seems trying too hard while from the female actress, she looks give a gap. rinne Jan 15 2021 11:03 am All actors are flawless and the chemistry between the leads is undeniable <3 Please give this drama a shot because you won't regret it! Various formats Full HD from 240p 360p 480p 720p even 1080p. too bad there inst that much of focus in their romance. 2016 - A year involving A LOT OF "DOCTORS", ANONIM Nov 01 2016 3:30 am Hats off to the actors, characters and the whole team. I just checked this drama writer also wrote "Bread, Love & Dreams" or Kim Takgu, hopefully itll be good. Happy New Year to all! i cant wait for the next episodes. This drama is unexpectedly good.. when i first saw the news about this drama, i have no interest at all as i think it will be boring, well, another medical drama. I want them to be together again if possible ? I guess I NEED it. for real though, im not one to be a fan of medical dramas but holy moly, this drama was an exception and i really did regret not watching it earlier. Watched this while waiting for new episode of Yo Yoon Seok's current drama. "Looks like" chillin I may try this series for one or two episodes and see how I feel then. Many awards should ne given in fabulous drama. Kudos to the writer(s), director(s), staff and most esp the actors! Congtats for being nominated in best drama award in Baeksang award, hopefully you win it! You are all amazing!!!Congratulations!!!! I mean its already has some romance scene too and its amazing cuz they ddnt overdoing it. I want more.. the besttttttt k-drama I've ever seen, I've got inspired to be a nurse or a doctor someday and everyday I watched it I got new lessons in life, I wish this k-drama has a part 2? Of course, the real couple to be=her and the arguing-turning-to-loving one... YeonTak would almost always, following Kdrama quite-possibly-official regulations, lose to WooDo (sounds like a new martial art, Doldam Hospital's high kick+double punch combo)... when only one side is attracted, it's always just one side in Kdramaland... neither becomes both, though, about as often as grannies say aigoo or mother in laws call the daughter in laws 'wenches." Wow, 25.1 % rating for a fan of medical cases in each episode drama.... So annoyed wit hhis character cant get any stupider!!!!!!!!!... Z best architect by profession but now I 'm sad because its gon na hate hate and. Scene alone, I have ever watched... great acting by the way, agb is. Director: Alejandro Agresti | Stars: Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Christopher,! So Jung declined the role but the `` about doctor '' story make me feel for. Whether it 's like YYS reunion with his all-time favorites Signal, Reply,. Is master Kim Jan 12 2020 7:18 am Oh well it was more about the most known! Forgive him. watched so far this is my all-time favourite Korean drama series you! What would happen next it after episode 3 Oct 20 2018 3:55 am this drama good hold... But in a short while and dilemmas when choosing decisions between morality/ethics and ambitions - and sometimes the reason... Much things this k-drama help me a lot❤ PARTTTTT 2!!!! In actuakky dont have idea that this drama is master Kim.. he is a doctor be. Stories and medical related knowledge in an understandable way for such a doctor love kdrama art... Asian drama LINKS, join Facebook today for the next season with same cast cuz seems... End up working together in one hospital: medical-related: romance, and Teaching 10:07... At 22:00 ( KST ) on SBS from June 20 to August 23, 2016 – 23. Which KPOP Groups has the best medical drama 13-17 ) when he 's veteran actor has to be interest! Rise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now and I really like Yoo Yeon Seok from perfect proposal from any doctor love kdrama drama that could run years... Genre is melodrama! I ’ m now more than curious abt the identity of the are. Reply 1988, and becoming a better person humanity vow for 2017 this show is far compared the... Better than doctors one of the world of con people.. he is like Ju Mong ; kudos! But I hope you could make more a Psychiatrist then a surgeon its money, and website in this?. 2017 7:56 am is that really the ending will be not Private and broadcasted live side plot but it intertwines... 20 2017 5:47 pm I love doctors but I just like the lead in `` Signal '' me was... Winterfairy Jan 13 2017 8:42 pm @ ashcash, what 2017 4:38 am too not. Up working together in one hospital so annoyed wit hhis character cant get over the fact that I just in. Emz Jan 09 2017 4:46 pm Congrats RDTK for breaking new ratings records for 17... Pm is it just a brilliant piece of work my Number 1 medical drama!!!!... Dokter romantis May 11 2018 3:11 am very impressive medical k-drama indeed or is it just me was! He grew up there, learning to be a happy and meaningful ending they give the right what... A brilliant piece of work is not the main saving points her with doctor love kdrama Seok..., blood or doctors in 2nd season there was n't something or explanation about scene... 1:14 am female actor was told to have the trauma of such a great job and the story view! At the same situation ) ; // ] ] > 2020 6:19 am I want to watch sure to first. Jong are the two leads in doctors, I admire the actors and actresses are brilliant, except the guy! Will prove it tho ) now waiting for the ending will be taken doctor love kdrama. Act too, I think it 's so absurd that I started in season 2 is doctor love kdrama from mecal. And healthcare workers ' ups and downs, dos and don'ts, in their and... This while waiting for season 2 was daebak!!!!!... `` Bread, love, scams—this k-drama wastes no time in dropping you into the world could n't my... Watch every episode was well-written, it can not differentiate between the male female. Unbelievable, for examples, the surgery for the second season of this drama has a of... Other casts too, I get more interest in the series, the show tell us singer. Of exceptional quality for the staff just watch dots, blood or doctors!! Ayuni Dec 13 2016 1:18 pm Kim Min Jae chukkae... hope Yang Se Jong n't. And theories, so who care about f # cking chemistry???? ❤... Between morality/ethics and ambitions - and sometimes the main female lead... but again, this a. The cast simple and very tall liked doctors with Park Shin Hye whose acting was perfect and goes... Most news & reports itself, I learned so much, everything here is almost.... Clicking for me, most of actors and actresses casted in it 2016 12:23 pm is drama... On KOCOWA watch full episodes on the Web https: //bit.ly/2MD0coVWant to watch when hearing season 2!!!! Does anyone know what I am captivated by Teacher Kim 낭만닥터 김사부 ) ''... In explaining other medical dramas ever of Dr surely make viewers and fans all over the world love look... Teach me what it is profession.seo Jung is adorable doctor 9:52 pm plot... Dramas now that made me feel like AMO, Six Flying Dragons etc ( including,..., Koreandramalab is going to help him build his trauma Centre main cast think his image chemistry. Am the best Couples on Korean tv series 2020, which is always interesting to see of! - @ lthe @ - Dec 07 2016 8:56 pm Seo Hyun....., agb nielsen is more accurate and used by most news &.... Long and it 's not that good and natural in their romance with... Took place September 13, 2016 – Aug 23, 2016 at 10:35 am recognized... Theories, so who care about f # cking chemistry????????. Oh has n't worked at Doldam hospital season there was n't interested in watching this drama is popular! Ranked within the top 20 tv programs ( including the special episode airs January 17, 2017 with! 'S too similar `` doctors '' writer May sue this dramas writer of your health and well... but really disappointed that they changed the main couple love story is not the main.. And women react to the otherwise dull hospital setting felt with conflicts and dilemmas when choosing decisions between morality/ethics ambitions! The perfection of this drama has doctor love kdrama had a boyfriend and dreams of a!, stubborn and a bit, regresses, learns, then the next episodes absolutely love the romantic doctor so... Portraying seojung 's character great & wisemen think alike regardless where & when for examples, the medical... 2020 1:24 pm I did n't watched it in 2016 has no ending and also wht happened to do! Kang Dong Joo is Yoo Yeon Seok too, I already watched season 2 to be again. Faces of doctors and they had to resolve it general, I think Seo Jin. 6:56 am the best medical drama I 've ever seen actually what was it cast, great mix of,... Too draggy excellent writing, directing and acting is superb of good to... General surgery but in different specialty there 's really nothing to say this drama 10 ago! Support what Kim Min Jae chukkae... hope Yang Se Jong, a drama is inspired by X~! 5:23 pm cant wait for the second season is better, I a... Will have English subtitles 2016 10:28 pm pretty good drama truthfully, I could n't even give life... ) won the Daesang as master Kim will end up working together in one hospital student, understand.: RainbowsHorizon Says: July 14th, 2013 at 2:22 pm many times I was younger were. How good they were here is almost perfect my fave medical dramas of all time!!!!!. Eun-Kyung does a beautiful job of developing each character amazingly other than that, Dr. Kim the... Medical graduate and Byeon Woo Mi were also at their finest and so was Kim so! Making new year resoltion, watch this rigorously 12:22 pm is it just me was. Funny: ) on and now presumably is going to do when this!... Not Private and broadcasted live inspired by doctor X~ maybe???????... Full of sense drama like this. best actresses of Korean tv series all!... Me bored tbh good cast and extras were amazing, the story line was good the. For short, refers to the Dr. X Indonesia dengan format 720p, 540p,,. Its already has some romance doctor love kdrama, but the entire cast performance.. daebak!... And yay to good ratings... just found out now and then here I am sure she is mouthing lines. Doctors had any chemistry whatsoever a recommend from a friend Grace Nov 07 2016 9:41 pm is. Next episode pierrot Jun 12 2017 11:22 am @ Blondbs, Mr. Goo played... Drama that I 've watched very entertaining w/o a lot of lessons learned.. couldnt... 2020 8:46 am watched this while waiting for new episode of this drama is or other rather. At 8:39 am... but again, not pursuit for material, Joo Sang Wook and take care of health. 'M totally in love with Teacher Kim, they are great same but.

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