[laughing] Alright, I'd like to present you-- Beef Wellington is real treat and deserves an equally indulgent wine to set it off. My husband and I are fans of Gordon Ramsay. Ramsay told fans he made the dish in honor of Veganuary, but … I’ve said before (in the apple tart post) how much we enjoy his BBC show the F Word, and as this season of Hell’s Kitchen concluded, we noted how Gordon expects the chefflings from ALL of his shows, to cook three dishes perfectly. Gordon Ramsay's vegan 'beef' wellington slammed as fans say it's 'dry as f***' Gordon Ramsay divided opinion when he posted a picture of vegan "beef" wellington to mark Veganuary. But a closer look at its main components suggest French roots: beef filet, pâté, duxelles, crêpes and puff pastry.That all sounds pretty French – and very similar to a filet de bœuf en croûte.. ... Gordon Ramsay's beef wellington. Beef Wellington is an English meat pie dating back to the 19th century. It is however less robustly flavoured than a steak or rib roast of beef with other key ingredients such as mushrooms and pastry which offset the flavour of the meat. Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington Recipe. Serve hearty slices from the Wellington alongside the sautéed potatoes and wilted baby gems. Aug 3, 2015 By Daniel Breckett. A Christmas take on a classic dish.Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course – http://amzn.to/2BzAud5Subscribe for weekly cooking videos. Gordon Ramsay Beef Wellington: the recipe. Gordon Ramsay has made a vegan version of beef Wellington, replacing the meat with beet. A classic mustard vinaigrette is really a great dressing. that's what I have to serve to Carla so, yeah I'm just hoping this kinda works out. Hell’s Kitchen’s producer on what Gordon Ramsay does off-camera, casting, editing, and more ... There’s even $49 beef Wellington. Chef Gordon Ramsay Explains How to Prepare Beef Wellington. Recipe. 5 Place the beef fillet in the middle and keeping a tight hold of the cling film from the outside edge, neatly roll the parma ham and mushrooms over the beef into a … Gordon Ramsay's first Hell's Kitchen-themed restaurant opened in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace in 2018, and it's still a must-visit for big fans of the chef and the show. Some thought it was "very sad" to serve the meal without meat Those dishes are: scallops, risotto, and Beef Wellington. Ugh, Gordo. Gordon Ramsay has been called out by unimpressed fans for his vegan 'beef' Wellington.